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Children are special and they need to be treated so. The tendency to treat children as little adults has done untold damage to growing faces,occlusions and psychology. Our comprehensive Paediatric Dental Service boasts of providing individual attention to your little ones , taking care of their prevailing oral problems with a dilligent eye for tackling their growth and psychological issues . Early interceptive treatment and a full preventive care system can ensure healthy smiles for your children . Children with special needs, handicapped children get all the attention they deserve from our competent team of skilled dentists. We build cheerful smiles.


What do we do?

  • We cover the treatment guide for babies and children who have dental disorders.
  • Child education to encourage tooth protection.
  • We provide many preventative measure to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy, including sealants and fluoride treatment.
  • We also educate the parents in early detection of some common problems that children face including thumb sucking, bruxism and baby tooth decay.
  • Our primary goal for your child’s dental development is to achieve and maintain optimum oral health through advanced techniques.


We cure children who have:

  • Corroded teeth.
  • Problems with how their tooth has grown.
  • Special needs, such as health circumstances or psychological problems.
  • Need surgical treatment.


Why should you consult us?

  • We educate kids and parents as to how can they reduce dental visit.
  • We aim to avoid dental illness rather than cure it at a later time frame.
  • We provide positive encounters for your kids and our highly experienced team is devoted to giving you the best possible good care.


Different modalities for treating kids

  • Behaviour management: Our staff obtains the cooperation of your child by using warmth, friendliness, persuasion, humour, kindness and understanding. There are various behaviour management techniques used:
    • Tell-show-do.
    • Modelling from other patients
    • Positive reinforcement
    • Distraction- music, pictures, movies.
  • Chemical sedation: Works better for kids below 5 years of age, to reduce their anxiety and help them cooperate more during the treatment, medications are given.
  • Conscious sedation: Generally recommended for kids above 5-6 years once the sinuses have developed.

What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is a way of using medication to relax a child without the loss of consciousness.

Who should be sedated?

We recommend that those children with severe anxiety and/or the inability to relax are candidates for sedation. Usually these children are young or have trouble managing their anxiety.

Why use conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation aids in calming a child so that he or she can accept dental treatment in a more relaxed state. This can prevent injury to the patient and provide a better environment for delivering quality dental care. Keep in mind that it is difficult to do dentistry on a moving child.

What medications are used?

There are many different agents that can be used for conscious sedation- there are inhalation agents (laughing gas) and medicines that are drunk from a cup. None of these sedatives render the child unconscious. Recommendations of which medication to be used are based on the child’s age, level of anxiety, amount of dental work that needs to be completed and length of appointment.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia provides a way of effectively completing dental care while a child is unconscious. Only children with severe anxiety and/or severe tooth decay are recommended for general anesthesia. Typically, these children are young or have compromised health issues. Standard behavior management techniques may not be effective to accomplish treatment.


Is General Anesthesia Safe?

YES. While normal risks are always present with surgery, an anesthesiologist will put your child to sleep. They are responsible for delivering the general anesthesia, monitoring and the medical care of the child. Many precautions are taken to provide safety for the child during general anesthesia care. Patients are monitored closely during the general anesthesia procedure by anesthesia personnel. We will discuss the benefits and risks involved with general anesthesia and why it is recommended for your child’s treatment.


What special considerations are associated with the general anesthesia appointment?

Most times, your child’s surgery will be done on an “outpatient” basis. This means they will have their surgery in the morning and be allowed to go home in the afternoon.

  • A physical examination is required prior to a general anesthesia appointment to complete dental care. This physical examination provides information to ensure the safety of the general anesthesia procedure. We will advise you about any evaluation appointments that may be requested.
  • Prior to surgery : Minimal discussion to your child about the appointment may reduce anxiety. Explain they are “going to go to sleep when their teeth are being fixed”.
  • Eating and drinking : It is important NOT to have a meal the night before general anesthesia. You will be informed about food and fluid intake guidelines prior to the appointment.
  • Changes in your child’s health :If your child is sick or running a fever, contact our office immediately! It may be necessary to arrange another appointment.


Usually, children are tired following general anesthesia. You may wish to return home with minimal activity planned for your child until the next day. After that, you can usually return to a routine schedule.


Wide range of procedures:

  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Fluorides
  • Pulpotomy and pulpectomy
  • Painless root canal treatment options
  • Habit breaking appliances
  • Crowns for children
  • Apexification/apexogenesis
  • Preventive orthodontics
  • Dentistry and sedation and general anaesthesia
  • Growth monitoring
  • Dental treatment for differently abled children.


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