Dental Implants

Ranging from Single implant to full arch solutions (All–on–4, All –on–5, All–on–6) with screw retained vs cement retained prosthesis.We also specialised in all advanced surgical and prosthetics (custom made teeth according to your need).

Pedodontics Clinic

Early interceptive treatment and a full preventive care system can ensure healthy smiles for your children . Children with special needs, handicapped children get all the attention they deserve from our competent team of skilled

Orthodontics Clinic

The straightening of crooked teeth on an individual’s psychosocial well-being can be tremendous and orthodontics can make significant changes in increasing one’s quality of life.

Endodontics Clinic

Root Canal Treatment Endodontic Clinic Endodontics is the speciality of dentistry that deals with the tooth pulp and tissues surrounding the root of a tooth. The pulp, which contains nerves; arterioles and venules as well

Trauma & Cancer

Oro-Maxillofacial Trauma & Rehabiliation Traumatic Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Did you ever get a black eye, chip a tooth or bruise your cheek ? If so, you may have experienced a case of facial trauma. Causes

Periodontics Clinic

Preventing Infections Periodontic Clinic Periodontics is the special field of dentistry that focuses on the study, preventive treatment, and surgery on the structures in the oral cavity that support the teeth. These structures, the gums

Laser Dentistry

SAFE AND GENTLE alternative to traditional dental tools. Laser Dentistry If you consider yourself somewhat of an anxious dental patient patient and are seeking extreme safety and comfort, you might consider looking for dentists who

Special Need Dentistry

Critical Care SPECIAL NEED DENTISTRY Your special needs patient is valued, and we’re here to help him or her to remain healthy and happy. Our team has extensive experience providing dentistry for patients with special

Prosthodontic Clinic

Solving Gum Problems Prosthodontics Clinic Dentistry is an art as well as a science. Dental crowns offer a perfect example of this. Tooth loss results in Undesirable facial changes Detrimental effects on chewing Damages one’s

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