The coronavirus pandemic has altered the world around us. Causing us to reconsider what we know and how others view us. Challenging us to establish a new “normal” in how we work and we can deliver all round best care to our patients. Apart from entire infrastructure back up and standard operating protocols for patient and staff safety, skills to care and newer cutting edge technology digital workflow practice and single visit dentistry has revolutionised patient safety and care in these exceptional times.


It Combines

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DENTAL SCANNER is a device for scanning teeth like a camera taking video or pictures of teeth converting them into digital image without any moulds or trays or any materials being put in the mouth. This new age device is home to a high-quality camera and a medical grade computer. The function of this unit is to photograph or video the teeth and complete jaws.

Three-dimensional images are created of the teeth on the screen, which the dentist uses to design multiple dental modalities and procedures as discussed in details in the article. The inbuilt software allows the dentist to examine the teeth from every angle. It is the closest possible thing to holding the tooth or teeth or entire jaw in the hands and rotating it. Artificial intelligence, Speed, Accuracy & Precision makes the scanner the most reliable one.

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CHAIR SIDE MILLING TECHNOLOGY which helps to make dental caps and crowns, veneers, thineers, inlays and onlays for fillings, surgical guides for precise dental implant placements and so on by just touch of button without involvement of any physical touch or sending dental moulds or impressions in the single sitting. This bypasses handling of physical dental impressions, moulds, materials inside and outside the mouth by multiple people and makes it safest way in these COVID times. It enables the doctor to insert aesthetic ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single session. This unit actually manufactures the custom restoration from the specifications entered into the computer. A ceramic block, which best resembles the existing tooth color is chosen and placed into the unit. Within minutes, the milling device produces the restoration the dentist designed. No horrible-tasting impressions or time-consuming transfers to and from the laboratory are required.

AUTOMATIC PROCESSING: The entire process from scanning till milling is with inbuilt artificial intelligence, which enables custom designing of all above mentioned modalities.
There is no interface or scope of errors as the process from scanning to milling and further sintering is all automated, hence much more precise and accurate.

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The technology further helps in planning implants precisely while you are on the chair and can help make surgical guides (the fastest-made surgical guide on the market) for perfect placement of dental implants.

To top it up, the dental implant connector and dental implant crown can also be made and fixed on the same appointment. This enables the dentist and patient in Time-saving implant planning with the most advanced software’s in the industry.
All this leads to optimized clinical success and safety because of customised individual based teeth-oriented implant planning and fully guided surgery and fewer treatment sessions-thanks to the option of completing the implant crown directly after the surgical procedure.


The latest scanners have inbuilt orthodontic software (teeth alignment softwares ). With help of scan and software, the patient can see their teeth alignment results right within 5 to 10 minutes. Few plans can be presented to the patient and this helps patient to interact and give inputs on how exactly they want their smile. After understanding patients expectations and clinical possibilities, patients can be presented with various plans live with 3D SIMULATIONS of their entire jaws and even with their live facial photographs. This helps patients for-see their final results right in the first sitting.

The patients can choose between clear invisible orthodontic aligners, braces or crowns/ laminates/veneers according to best scientific plan for each situation and get their million dollar smile. The crowns, veneers or laminate based smile can be done just in single day!!


  • Single-visit restorations
  • Fast and comfortable: Regardless of the material, intraoral scanner and chairside milling offers your patients fast and comfortable treatment without uncomfortable impression trays or annoying temporary restorations.
  • Digital impression: Spare the patients of any discomfort due to conventional impression, and remove the risk of air bubbles or other flaws.
  • Design: The software creates outstanding design proposals, based on the unique Biojaw algorithm.
  • Grinding or milling: The grinding or milling process for your designed restorations is extremely precise and creates smooth surfaces and margins, as well as ultrafine structures.
  • Sintering and finishing: All-ceramic metal free restorations can be strengthened and glazed for perfect colour match and aesthetics in the Speed Fire furnace right in the practice.

Patient Benefits

  • No temporary restorations.
  • High-quality ceramic products.
  • Minimal invasiveness.
  • Less injections and discomfort.
  • Fewer dental visits
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • More natural tooth is saved.
  • Long lasting restorations.
  • Biocompatible solutions

A minimalistic approach policy with a streamlined and integrated system, handled by an individual operator helps us deliver results in a single visit. State of the art disinfection system allows us to take care of our patient’s safety and has enabled us to become one of the most trusted dental setups in these difficult times.


In today’s world the only way to deliver all round best care to patients ahead is to combine skills, infrastructure and technology – all under one roof.

With integrated digital workflow practice the entire concept of dental care has taken a leap forward. These systems save you valuable time, which is more important than money in this age and era. Be it kids, adolescents, teenagers, adults, or old patients- digital workflow with scanning software and chair-side milling has an answer and solutions for everyone with manifold ease, hygiene, comfort, convenience, precision, accuracy, speed, and automation. The procedures become accurate, precise, and at the same time as fast as in a single sitting. The results can be visualized before and you can take part in your treatment planning, be it crowns, bridges, implant treatments, inlays, onlays, crownlays, veneers, thinners, lumineers, implant abutments , implant crowns, guided implant surgeries with same day teeth and smile design. Root canal treatments followed by same-day crown and bridge or guided implant placements followed by same-day crown and bridge can be delivered to you, while you sip in your coffee. So whether you have a broken tooth or teeth due to any reason and have a evening party to attend, or its your important shoot or personal ceremony and you want that perfect smile within shortest possible time- integrated digital workflow is the one stop answer that science and technology has to offer.

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