3 Steps to take while facing Dental Emergencies during Lockdown.

1. Assessing the situation & identifying an emergency

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, when the government has enforced nationwide lockdowns and unnecessary movements have been curbed; it is extremely important for us to identify if the situation is an emergency or not. Issues pertaining lost filling, dull toothache, mild sensitivities, small chip in the tooth, scaling and polishing or other cosmetic procedures can all be scheduled for a later date. One could also seek telephonic consultations from your family dentist and seek advice as to the severity of the situation. Few examples (but not limited to) of more serious issues which might constitute an emergency include:

  • Accidental trauma
  • Uncontrolled bleeding in gums
  • Constant / uncontrolled dental pain
  • Swollen gums / facial swelling resulting in extreme pain
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Facial swelling affecting vision or breathing, preventing mouth opening more than 2 fingers width.
  • Trauma causing loss of consciousness, double vision or vomiting
  • Other severe life threatening infections

2. First Aid & telephonic / video consultation from the family dentist

Try to stay calm and use the first aid measures. These are a few steps that one can easily take to try and ease the situation:

  • If you knocked out a tooth, place the broken tooth in a glass of cold milk or your own saliva until it can be treated (the milk helps in maintain the acid-alkali ratio)
  • Take a basic Paracetamol tablet to help reduce the immediate pain. Holding an ice pack on areas of swelling can also help in easing out the pain and uneasiness.
  • Dissolve salt in warm water and swish around the mouth for 60 seconds to help remove bacteria and clear infection. This will also help in easing out general pain and uneasiness.

3. Scheduling an appointment at a Multi-Specialty hospital

If your doctor has suggested that the situation needs an immediate attention, please look out for the multi-specialty hospitals operational in and around your region. As many hospitals and clinics might not be operational due to the ongoing pandemic, schedule an appointment prior to visiting the hospital.
We at Max Dental Care, Max Super Specialty Hospital Mohali provide all emergency dental facilities. As per the government guidelines all necessary precautions have been taken at the hospital and necessary sanitation arrangements have been made. It is also suggested that all patients take precaution and wash hands as frequently as possible.

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