Can Genetics Be The Cause Of Oral Health Issues ?

Do you know your parents might have given you more than just your skin tone and eye colour? They might also have passed you your dental problems. It is not just the habits or oral bacteria but certain genes that lead to dental problems.

 So to have a better picture of your dental health find out if any of your relatives have a history of following conditions:

Periodontal disease

Around 30 % of the population may be genetically predisposed to gum disease. Its symptoms may be sensitive and bleeding gums, bad breath and if left untreated can lead to tooth and bone loss.

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment is very important to protect your gums and teeth.

Tooth decay

Certain genes are linked to greater risk of cavities in permanent teeth. So if your children are at a risk of cavities talk to their dentist about sealants and fluoride supplements. Make sure to visit the dentist for frequent cleanings and examinations.

Oral cancer

This deadly disease is the cause of thousands of deaths in India every year. No doubt it is caused mostly by the use of tobacco and alcohol products and is the major cause but genetics is also a minor cause. People carrying certain genetic markers are associated with a higher risk of developing cancer.

Maligned teeth

Genetics play a major role in determining the size of your jaw and the tooth size too. Any mismatch in the size of jaws and teeth can lead to crowding, spacing, cross bite and overbite.

If misalignment is a common problem in your family visit the dentist at the right time to start treatment that can intercept these problems at an early stage and prevent more serious problems down the road.

Cleft lip and cleft palate

Cleft palate and lip occur when the sides of the lip and roof of the mouth don’t fuse together properly. Genetics play a major role. Babies of Asian, Latino and native American descent are most likely to be born with this defect .Children of patients with cleft palate and lip are more likely to be born with clefts.

If u require expert advice for any of the above mentioned problem book an appointment with us .

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