Dental Extraction – The Last Resort

A person's teeth are not just there to look attractive in pictures. Teeth play a role in overall nutrition and general health. Teeth allow you to follow a healthy diet and stay well nourished by preparing the food you eat for swallowing and digestion. Regular dental care is important to maintain your teeth.

In modern era when everything is treatable getting a tooth pulled should be done only when it is absolutely necessary.

We at Max Dental Care, Mohali will always do our best to use the skills and modern dental procedures at our disposal to try to ensure to keep the natural teeth intact.

What can be done for maintaining the natural teeth?

  • Prevention is better than cure: tooth friendly diet, good oral home care with regular 6 monthly checkups will certainly improve the chances of avoiding treatments.
  • Early treatment: In case of decay treatment on time without delay will require only a small fill by which a tooth can be saved.
  • Later when the decay becomes deeper and reaches the nerve tissue inside the tooth, it can become very painful but still the tooth can be saved by performing a root canal treatment followed by crown.

Tooth extraction and replacement

It will always be our priority to try and save a natural tooth but if the tooth is too badly damaged or if too little of it remaining then tooth extraction may be the last option

Should a tooth need extraction, we have a wide range of options for its replacement with dental bridges or dental implants.

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