Do you know your diet affects Oral Health

Whatever you eat & drink affects your teeth. Too much of carbohydrates (including cakes, cookies, milk and other sugary food and beverages) and starches (including potato chips etc) causes tooth decay.

The duration of carbohydrates and starch remains on the tooth surface is the main culprit which leads to the decay of the tooth.

The best you can help is by making sure you select healthy food.

Here are some tooth-friendly foods to serve

  • Fruits and vegetables:

Offer fruits and vegetables as a snack instead of carbohydrates. Fruits that contain a high volume of water, such as pears, melons, celery, and cucumbers are best.

  • Avoid sticky, chewy foods:

Raisins, dried figs, granola bars, oatmeal or peanut butter cookies, jelly beans, caramel, honey and syrup stick to teeth making it difficult to wash away from tooth. If you consume these types of products, have them brush their teeth immediately after eating.

  • Serve sugary treats with meals, not as snacks:

If you plan to give your child any sweets, try giving them as desserts immediately after the meal. There’s usually an increased amount of saliva in the mouth around mealtime, making it easier to wash food away from teeth.

  • Get your children in the habit of eating as few snacks as possible:

Frequent snacking, without brushing immediately afterwards, provides constant fuel for bacteria to feed on, which leads to plaque development and tooth decay. Brush teeth immediately after consuming the snack if possible.

  • Avoid sugary foods that linger on the teeth:

Lollipops, hard candies, cough drops, and mints all contribute to tooth decay because they continuously coat the teeth with sugar.

  • Never put your baby to bed with a bottle filled with milk, formula, juice, or soda. Offer your child plain water as it does not harm the teeth and aids in washing away any food particles that may be clinging to teeth.

Other Tips for Your Teeth

  • The best way to prevent tooth decay is to use fluoride-containing toothpaste every day. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and rinse after each meal or snack if possible.
  • Brush your teeth after medicine. Medicines such as cough syrups contain sugar that bacteria in the mouth use to make acids. These acids can eat away at the enamel.
  • Regular dental visit: It is generally recommended TO visit dentist. Getting regular dental checkups will also help catch any developing dental problems early.

It can be difficult to help learn the best foods and drinks to keep their mouth healthy, but starting early is the best way to ensure great oral and overall health.

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