How To Sanitize A Toothbrush

Since our mouths contain bacteria and the bathroom does as well, it's common to wonder if your toothbrush stays clean enough with just a rinse after brushing, especially since some products now claim to sanitize.

Sanitizing your toothbrush can provide an extra layer of prevention against oral infection, and spreading of communicable diseases.

Sanitizing the toothbrush

  • Rinse the toothbrush with hot tap water before and after brushing.
  • Dry the toothbrush thoroughly. After finishing a cleaning session you need to shake out the bristles, and make sure the moisture is gone.
  • Rinse the toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthrinse. Use an alcohol-based rinse or even chlorhexidine 0.02 % mouthwash for this. Swish the bristles around in the rinse for 30 seconds.
  • Replace the toothbrush every 2-3 months or as needed. Sometimes the best policy is to simply get a new toothbrush. We recommends replacing your brush every 2-3 months. However, closer examination of the bristles can tell you if replacement needs to happen sooner. Look for the bristles to be individually fraying (splitting at the ends)

Storing the Toothbrush

Put the toothbrush in a dry place. Keeping the brush dry after a cleaning session is important to avoiding bacterial contamination.

Move the container away from other surfaces. You don’t want the toothbrush bristles coming in contact with other contaminant sources. Another good option is to keep toothbrushes inside the bathroom cabinet.

Cover the toothbrush when mobile. The only time you should cover your toothbrush is when traveling.


  • Replace your toothbrush at least every 2-3 months.
  • Don’t store the toothbrush in a closed container or with a cover for an extended period of time.
  • Store the toothbrush in an upright position.


  • Avoid sharing your toothbrush with other people.

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