Oral Health – Man vs Woman

It is true, for the most part; that men’s and women’s mouths are not that different. They both have teeth, a tongue, gums, etc. Both will experience plaque and the need to be brushed and cleaned regularly. Both are susceptible to the same types of mouth diseases and problems, including bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer and more. There is an obvious difference between men and women. For instance, did you know that women are more likely to visit dentist regularly, while men are more prone to visit only when something needs attention?

Women brush more than men

Women are more likely to brush their teeth twice every day whereas men skip brushing. Women are more vigilant about their brushing habits. Women are also more likely than men to brush their teeth immediately after eating meals.

Men put themselves at more risk than women

When it comes to keep your mouth and overall health in check, there are certain things you should just stay away from. Chewing tobacco products, smoking, and over-consumption of alcohol is extremely harmful activities by which men put themselves to risk.

Facts about oral health in men:

  • Missing Dental Visits
  • Insufficient Brushing
  • More Gum Problems
  • Higher Risk of Dry Mouth
  • More Dental Replacements
  • Higher Use of Carcinogens
  • Higher Risk of HPV

When women are at higher risk

Women have special oral health requirements during the unique phases of their lives. Changes in female hormone levels during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause exacerbate the way the gingiva reacts to the presence of plaque.

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