Recommendations for Dental Braces Pain

Decision of investment in braces is really very important one. In the end, it would result in a beautiful and healthy smile. However, during the course you might feel some uncomfortable times, especially after having the adjustments of brace’s wire.

The good news is that braces pain is typically temporary and can be treated. As after every 4 to 6 weeks the follow up of the orthodontic treatment is done which includes monitoring the progress, adjustment of wires including bending, tightening and even replacing them. This adds on the extra pressure over gums and teeth causing some irritation and discomfort.

There are several easy and effective ways to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with braces.

Ice Pack or Cold Food and Drinks

Ice will work in your mouth just like it does for other injured parts of the body. If your mouth feels sore after your braces are tightened, try applying a cold pack to the area or eat some ice cream or other cold food. Ice packs and cold foods can help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, and help relieve the pain.

Gargle/Swish with Salt Water

In some cases, warm saline rinses might help to reduce the irritation and relieves the pain.

Softer Foods

After the braces are tightened, you feel that your gums and teeth become more sensitive. Choose softer foods and drinks, such as smoothies, yogurt, soups, and mashed potatoes.

Massaging Your Gums

Massaging your gums with your fingers can help ease the pain.

Orthodontic Wax

If you begin to experience irritation on your inner cheeks, your gums, or even your lips because of your braces, then orthodontic wax may be helpful.

Local Anesthetic

If there is pain in specific areas of your mouth then consider trying a local anesthetic gels. These gels are used to numb the gums.

Over-the-Counter Pain Killers

In some cases these ideas above just won’t provide the type of relief needed. If this is the case then you could consider trying over-the-counter painkillers. Be sure to ask the dentist about what medication he/she recommends in your case.

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