Ways To Improve Your Childs First Dental Visit

The first dental visit of a child will help them to overcome the fear for any dental visit in future.

  • Every kid at one

The first dental visit of the kid should be at the age of 6 months to one year so that the kid gets familiar to the dental set up. Young children accept new things more readily than older ones who have a chance to establish their own viewpoints about things.

  • Don’t Make a Big Deal For Visit Beforehand

When parents make a big deal about things, children pick up on this. For example, if you’re panicked about an upcoming issue, the child senses this and applies his own feelings of stress to the situation.

  • Audio visual aids

Make your kids more comfortable with the dental visit by showing them some educational cartoons like PEPPA PIG and BERENSTAIN BEARS. 

  • Avoid Negative Words When Discussing the Appointment

Never use words like “pain,” “prick,” or “ache” when talking about the dentist. If you don’t make the association with the appointment and possible bad things, there is less for the child to feel anxious about.

  • Play Dentist With Your Child

Playing doctor and dentist at home allows the child to understand the experience in a fun, happy, non threatening way. This is especially important around the time of their first dentist visit.

  • Avoid Talking About Negative Experiences With Dentists

Don’t let your negative past experiences influence your children before they have a chance to develop their own relationship with the dentist.

  • Encourage Healthy Dental Habits All the Time

Whether your child adores his dentist or not, healthy dental habits at home mean fewer appointments. Teach your child how to brush and floss properly, and encourage regular brushing and flossing. Let your kids enjoy their food and sweets but make them rinse after every meal.

An early, smart start means a positive first experience at the dentist, and is the pathway to a lifetime of good dental health.

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