What to Choose – Bridge or Denture ?

In case of a missing tooth,the patient has a number of options for replacement of the same . These options range from dental implants, dental bridges to partial dentures. Dental implants are generally the best option but are generally expensive so maybe out of budget for some patients.

When considering dentures versus bridges, you should evaluate which will provide you with optimal oral health and dental hygiene based on your needs and lifestyle.

The shortcomings of dentures

• Chewing efficiency is reduced by at least 40%
• More adjustment time for new dentures is common.
• Hot/cold sensation of food is altered since denture material covers palate
• Speech may be unclear for longer periods of time.
• May become loose over time and require adhesives
• Oral hygiene may be difficult to maintain
• Consistent care and replacements needed.

Many of these problems are solely associated with denture use, but they can be avoided by choosing dental bridges.

Advantages of bridges

• Bridges last on average 15 years before possibly needing a replacement.
• Because they are fixed in place, bridges do not interfere with eating.
• As a normal part of the teeth, you will be able to speak normally with a bridge in place.

Have your dentist evaluate your needs, as partial dentures are used if there are a larger number of teeth that need to be replaced and if there is a risk of more tooth loss while bridges work best for smaller gaps on the same side of your mouth. However, partial dentures can become broken or lost while bridges remain safely fixed to your teeth.

Discuss your needs and expectations with your dentist to know what suits you better. Contact us at Max Dental Care, Mohali for more information.

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